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Javascript, ES6, Node, React, Angular, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, jQuery, HTML, CSS/SASS, Foundation for Apps, Browserify, NPM, Yeoman, Q, Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, EJS, Gulp, Grunt


5 Minutes to Save you from Callback Hell | Women Who Code's Lightning Talks @ Hook & Loop

### Building the Bechdelerator | [QueensJS](http://www.meetup.com/QueensJS/events/223289952/)



A Chrome Extension and Web Application that helps teachers make virtual educational scavenger hunts. Uses Node, Express, MongoDB, and Angular. Available for free download in the Chrome Web Store. Check out the code on github.
Here is a shot of the web app:
Web App
Here's a demo of the chrome extension in action, asking students questions about the reading material, and then navigating them to the next reading upon entering a successful answer.
Chrome Extension


The Bechedlerator will guess if a given movie passes the bechdel test without any viewer input. It scrapes the internet for movie scripts, parses the scripts for main characters, speculates on the genders of main characters, and then visualizes the data of conversations between characters. Relies on Express and Node, Cheerio, Gender Name API, jQuery, HTML/CSS. Check out the code on github.
Screenshot of the Bechdelerator


Ever wonder who everyone is in your slack team? Remind yourself quickly of new names and faces with whostack. Built with Express, Angular, and Passport. See it on github.

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